Course curriculum

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    2. Important information regarding internet CE courses

    3. How to use and attend this course, download your classroom material, and receive your CE certificate

    4. Nevada Law and Reference Guide Download

    5. Course Overview

    1. Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

    2. Cyber Liability Insurance

    3. Coverage for Third-Party Claims in Cyber Liability Insurance for Real Estate Brokerages

    4. Window to the Law: Copyright Issues for Real Estate Professionals

    1. Why Create Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures?

    2. Step 1: Identify Potential Risks

    3. Step 2: Establish Policies and Procedures

    4. Step 3: Provide Threat Training

    5. Step 4: Implement Access Controls

    6. Step 5: Regularly Update Software and Hardware

    7. Step 6: Regular Data Backups

    8. Step 7: Establish an Incident Response Plan

    9. Step 8: Conducting Regular Vulnerability Assessments

    10. Step 9: Regularly Assess and Update the Cybersecurity Policy

    11. Step 10: Cybersecurity as a Layered Approach

    12. NAR Window to the Law: Creating an Effective Data Security Plan

    1. Ransomware Risks are REAL!

    2. Window to the Law: Protecting Your Business from a Ransomware Attack

    3. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in You're Property Management Business

    1. Property Inspections

    2. Water Damage

    3. Best Practices for Tenant Property Inspections

    4. Tenant Screening

    5. Renters Insurance

    6. Window to the Law: Criminal Background Checks and Fair Housing

    1. Minimizing Risks When Working With Owners

    2. Proper Insurance Coverage

    3. Financial Reporting to Owners

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