Course curriculum

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    2. Important information regarding internet CE courses

    3. How to use and attend this course, download your classroom material, and receive your CE certificate

    4. Nevada Law and Reference Guide Download

    5. Course Overview

    1. Property Management Defined by Nevada Law

    2. The Business of Property Management

    3. The Role of a Property Manager

    4. Activities that a licensed real estate agent may perform without holding a Nevada Property Management Permit

    5. Opportunities in Property Management

    6. Professionalism in Property Management

    1. Business Development in Ongoing

    2. Building a Strong Foundation is the Backbone to Any Organization

    3. The Real Estate Economy and the Property Management Industry

    4. Professional Affiliations in Property Management

    5. Document Retention

    6. Window to the Law: Managing Business Records Efficiently

    1. The Property Manager's Relationship With the Owner

    2. Property Management and Monthly Reporting to Owners

    3. The Property Manager's Relationship With the Tenant

    4. Technology Keeps Moving Forward

    5. Property Management Marketing

    6. NAR Video: Advertising Within the Fair Housing Framework

    1. Property Management and its Various Risks

    2. Life Safety Risk Management

    3. NAR Video: Safety Best Practices for Real Estate Professionals

    4. Errors and Omissions Insurance

    5. Window to the Law: What You Need to Know About E&O

    6. Cyber Liability Insurance

    7. NAR Video: Cyber Security: What You Need to Know

    8. Protection Against Ransomware Attacks

    9. NAR VIDEO: Protecting Your Business from a Ransomware Attack

    10. Intellectual Property and Copyright ViolationsProperty Management

    11. NAR VIDEO: Using Images and Music in your Business

    1. Business Principles in Property Management Final Exam

    2. REQUIRED - NRED Correspondence Content and Instructor Evaluation Report (CE.7142000-RE)

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