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    1. The Mindset of Overcoming Obstacles

    2. Negotiation is About Overcoming Obstacles

    3. For Your Reference: NAR Code of Ethics

    4. For Your Reference: Duties Owed by a Nevada Real Estate Licensee

    5. Communicate Their Way

    6. The Importance of Quality Communication in Negotiation Quick Question

    1. Gather Information

    2. The Art of Silence

    3. Be Positive and Empathetic

    4. Be Clear and Cooperative

    5. Be Prepared

    6. Know Your Worth and Show Your Value

    7. Negotiation Best Practices Quick Question

    1. Cutting Through the Noise and Connecting

    2. Understanding Client Motivation

    3. Above and Beyond

    4. Tips for Diffusing Emotions in Negotiating

    5. Negotiating During the Most Stressful Time in Their Lives Quick Question

    1. Getting to the Heart and Soul of Negotiation

    2. For Your Reference: The Psychology of Negotiation

    3. Being Sensitive to the Needs of Your Clients

    4. What are They REALLY Saying?

    5. Body Language Cues

    6. Why Psychology Matters Quick Question

    1. Introduction to Personality Types

    2. What's Your Personality Color?

    3. The Orange Personality

    4. The Gold Personality

    5. The Blue Personality

    6. The Green Personality

    7. Identifying Personality Types of Key Participants in the Transaction Quick Question

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