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    2. Message from the Instructor ...

    1. Video: Why Audit Your Digital Presence?

    2. Where do You Begin?

    3. What Message are you Sending?

    4. Improving Your Digital Image

    5. Expanding Your Reach

    6. Auditing your Digital Presence Quick Question

    1. Why Social Media?

    2. Platform Demographics

    3. It's About Relationships

    4. Video: Your Leads Pipeline

    5. The 80-20 Rule

    6. 3 Ways Marketing Changes as Market Conditions Change

    7. Monetizing Your Social Media Efforts Organically

    8. Hashtags Help You Be Seen.

    9. Your Presence on Social Media Platforms Quick Question

    1. Facebook

    2. Video: Controlling What You See and What Others See from You on Facebook

    3. Instagram

    4. Twitter

    5. LinkedIn

    6. Pinterest

    7. YouTube

    8. Social Media Platforms to Explore Quick Question

    1. Your Personal Website

    2. Video: Window to the Law: ADA and Website Accessibility

    3. Video: New Home Source Professional

    4. Downloadable Resource: NAR's Real Estate in a Digital Age

    5. Your Multiple Listing Service

    6. Downloadable Resource: The 2021 Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy




    10. Google

    11. Yelp

    12. Real Estate Platforms, Portals and Review Sites to Explore Quick Question

    1. Be the Authority and Stay Professional

    2. NAR has Clear Guidelines on Re-posting Listings on Social Media

    3. Becoming Iconic

    4. Audio Best Practices

    5. Text and Blog Writing Best Practices

    6. Photography Best Practices

    7. A Photo is Worth 1,000 Words and a Video is Even Better!

    8. Video: Video Best Practices

    9. Going Live

    10. Video: Virtual Presentation Tips

    11. Stories and Temporary Posts

    12. Artificial Intelligence and Chat Bots

    13. Downloadable Resource: Social Media for REALTORS®: 101+ Do's and Don'ts

    14. Content that Stands Out and Gets Noticed

    15. Downloadable Resource: NAR Code of Ethics

    16. Your Content on Social Media, Real Estate Platforms, Portals and Review Sites Quick Question

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