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    1. Welcome and Important information regarding the renewal of your Nevada real estate license

    2. How to Complete this CE Course and Obtain Your Completion Certificate

    3. IMPORTANT: Final Exam Test Questions

    4. Course Material

    1. What is a Residential Purchase Agreement?, Transfer of Title (RPA Sect. 9), and Interest Communities (RPA Sect. 10)

    2. Disclosures (RPA Sect. 11) and Federal Fair Housing Compliance and Disclosures (RPA Sect. 12)

    3. Walk-Through Inspection of Property (RPA Sect 13), Delivery of Possession (RPA Sect. 14), Risk of Loss (RPA Sect. 15), andAssignment of This Agreement (RPA Sect. 16)

    4. Cancellation of Agreement (RPA Sect. 17), Default (RPA Sect. 18), and Escrow (RPA Sect. 19)

    5. Unclaimed Funds (RPA Sect. 20), Broker 's Compensation/Fees (RPA Sect. 21), Hold Harmless and Waiver of Claims (RPA Sect. 22), and RPA Definitions (RPA Sect. 23)

    6. Signatures, Delivery, and Notices (RPA Sect. 24), IRC 1031 Exchange (RPA Sect. 25), HUD/VA/FHA Escape Clause (RPA Sect. 26), and Other Essential Terms (RPA Sect. 27)

    7. Addendum(s) Attached (RPA Sect. 28), Additional Terms (RPA Sect. 29), Buyer's Acknowledgement of Offer, Seller's Response to the Offer

    1. The Residential Purchase Agreement in Detail: RPA Sections 9-29 10 Question Exam

    2. REQUIRED - NRED Correspondence Content and Instructor Evaluation Report (CE.6843000-RE)

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