Course curriculum

    1. Message from the Instructor...

    2. Important information regarding internet CE courses

    3. How to use and attend this course, download your classroom material, and receive your CE certificate

    4. IMPORTANT: Final Exam Test Questions

    5. Las Vegas Realtors Copywrite and Policies

    6. Class Material: Residential Listing Agreement

    1. The Residential Brokerage Agreement: Creation and Termination

    2. The Employment Agreement

    3. The Broker Represents the Client

    4. Independent Contractor

    5. Broker Liability

    6. Who Pays?

    7. Forms of Brokerage Agreements

    8. Oral Contracts

    9. Written Contracts

    10. A Word About Electronic Brokerage Agreements

    11. Termination

    12. Completion of the contract’s purpose

    13. Termination by the contract term

    14. Termination by Mutual Agreement

    15. Recording a Lis Pendens

    16. A Party’s Death

    17. A Licensee’s Death

    18. When the Broker is a Corporation

    19. After Termination

    20. Broker Protection Period

    1. Exclusive Right To Sell Listing, The Exclusive Agency Listing, and The Open Listing

    2. Listing Procedures

    3. Types of Properties to Be Listed

    4. Window to the Law: Understanding the MLS Clear Cooperation Policy

    1. Key features of a listing agreement

    2. Exclusive Right to Sell Listing

    3. LVR MLS Policy Section 4.10: Property Address

    4. LVR MLS Policy Section 4.13: Expiration, Extension and Renewal of Listings

    5. LVR MLS Policy Section 4.14: Termination Date on Listing

    6. National Association of Realtors®, Window into the Law, “Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know”

    7. What is a “Courtesy Listing”?

    8. National Association of Realtors®, Window into the Law, “Know the Rules for Using Consumer Reports”

    9. Seller does -OR- does not authorize Broker to disclose the existence of multiple offers to purchase the property to potential buyers.

    1. Terms of The Sale

    2. Terms Available: Cash, Conventional, FHA, VA, and Lease

    3. What is a Lease Option?

    4. Owner Will Carry: What is Seller Financing?

    5. Housing Discrimination Under the Fair Housing Act


    2. “The following items of personal property are "included and excluded" from the above price and not included in the sale.”

    3. The Legal Minute – Personal Property and the MLS

    4. No Real Value...

    5. What is a “bill of sale”?

    6. Smart Home Technology

    7. Window to the Law: Video and Audio Surveillance Legal Issues

    8. Leased or Liened Items

    9. The importance of today’s solar energy and home sustainability

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