Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Important information regarding the renewal of your Nevada real estate license

    2. How to use and attend this course, download your classroom material, and receive your CE certificate

    1. Lesson One: Navigating Nevada's Legal Terrain: Understanding Fiduciary Duties, Honesty and Competency in Practice

    2. Lesson Two: Disclosure: “Should have Known” – Duty to Investigate, and Supplementary Services

    3. Lesson Three: Nevada Law on Real Estate Disclosures and Confidentially

    4. Lesson Four: The When, Who, and How of Disclosure, Disclosures Concerning the Transaction, and the Right Timing

    1. Nevada Law on Fiduciary Duties and Nevada Real Estate Disclosures Final Exam

    2. REQUIRED - NRED Correspondence Content and Instructor Evaluation Report (CE.6939000-RE)

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